Felipe Posada takes you to the invisible realm

Felipe Posada is a based in Brooklyn, New York. “Felipe works as an independent branding, design and animation consultant for studios and agencies world wide.” On his website, he has a chapter of work called the invisible realm. His works are collages of an obscure world yet somehow it all works. These works are his journey through… Read More Felipe Posada takes you to the invisible realm

ink master

Doodle |ˈdo͞odl|  verb. [ no obj. ] scribble absentmindedly noun. a rough drawing made absentmindedly According to the definition, doodling is made out to be nothing more than a ridiculous act. When most think of doodling, they think of the naughty scribblings on the walls of a child’s room or the small markings on school notes created from boredom. But little did they know, doodling is… Read More ink master