How to draw from memory

Drawing from memory is something I have been trying to accomplish. I am an excellent artist when it comes to drawing from reference but what I truly desire is to be able to draw from imagination. What I thought I had to do was draw the same thing 100 times then eventually, my brain will remember how to draw it.

I stumbled upon a post of how to improve your drawing and among the posts, it had an exercise about drawing from memory:

“Exercise: Choose a drawing you like, a photograh or just look at something around you for 2 minute. After one minute, draw it by heart the more accurate you can. If you find it too easy, try with more complex objects. Repeat the exercise until you get a good result.

When we are starting to draw, our brain is like a blank hard drive, we draw through visual references. With this exercise, we add resources to our minds. With more practise, they will come to your mind automatically and you’ll be able to solve many problems unconsciously. You’ll only have to imagine it.”

Here is the website.

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