Cartoonist, Will Terrell

Will Terrell is cartoonist with a very successful YouTube channel with over 100,000 views per video. He is known for his people watching and people sketches.

When he was younger, his favorite thing to do was tell stories. Will wanted to write comic books. He later found out in order to write comics, he needed team up up with an artist. But he heard that artists take too long to finish drawings so that’s when he decided to be his own artist to his own stories.

“It takes ten years for a doctor to be a doctor and a lawyer to become a lawyer. So if it takes me ten years to draw, so be it.”

He loves the idea of creating a whole new world. He had to travel all over the country and see how different artists drew and told stories. Him and a group of students were asked to sit and draw people. The students would try to out do each other which made them better.

Will wanted to share his journey with other artists, which is what led to his Youtube career that reaches thousands of people.

Visit his website.


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