portraits of exuberance and bright-eyes

The desire for most artists is to have the ability to instill emotion through their work. It’s an aspiration that can only be attained through passion and discipline. And even after that, only a few are able to reach thousands of people. Before Internet and social media, to reach that amount of people, an artist would have to be exceptional and lucky. But in this day and age, the right talent and the right social media skills gives our generation more opportunities to be seen and heard.

There is one artist that truly benefitted from our tech savvy society with over 79,000 followers on his Instagram and over 35,000 followers on Facebook.

Julio Cesar is an Brazilian illustrator well known in the States. The illustrations of anonymous portraits Cesar has done is what caught the web’s attention. The portraits went viral and made it’s way through social media and various art blogs. What makes his work stand out is his ability to make the strangers in his drawings feel alive. Without meeting the people he draws, he has the gift of bringing that person’s essence into his drawings.



To enjoy more of Cesar’s distinct style of vibrant colors and huge animated eyes here is where to find him:

 — InstagramBehance